Monday, January 31, 2011

A Treasure Trove in my own Backyard!

We are lucky enough to have a home with a cute little Guest House. The original owners of this home built it for a Shoppe, in which she sold crafting supplies and giftware. In fact, it was a trip to this store when I first fell in love with this home. It then came on the market and my hubby and I snapped it up! While the Guest House has mainly been used for guests, it also has a large room for my crafts, and a playroom for the kids. More recently, however, it's been used as a storage pit room. When my Grandmother was moved into a home, I was the only one with enough space to house her left over 'stuff'. At first I didn't mind, as it allowed my mother and I to slowly go through it all and sort it for keep, garage sale, and donate piles. With my imminent move, however, I need to get this pit market ready!

Here's the cute Guest House.  I had so many plans for it!  Alas, the next owner will have the joy of making into something special for their family.

I will spare you the really, really bad pictures of the pit.  However, here are a few fun shots of all the stash in here.  I Alabaster lamp, a cool old wooden window......

See that foot stool under all that junk?  I could make it into something lovely!

And wait, what's this?  Am I crazy to think this old light fixture is pretty cool? 

Just look at it's lines....

And pretty details.....

It will certainly need rewiring, and I'm in a debate about it's finish.  While I think the chippy, worn finish is pretty cool, my Mom thinks it is too rough, and the worn paint is actually hiding some of the detail.

What would you do?  Leave it as is, or strip it down?  It appears to be a dark brass type finish underneath.
I look forward to continuing the clean and purge.  You never know what other treasures we may find!

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

An Inexpensive Fix, a Project, and some Boxes

Phew, these are crazy times round these parts! Between figuring out where we'll be moving, and getting our home market ready, there's no rest for the wicked!

Today I thought I'd give you a sneak peak of what I've been working on:

This bathroom cabinet is solid Oak, and in decent shape. However, the top is hideous (cracked, cultured marble-ick!), and I am not a fan of the colour of the stain and the prominent grain of the wood. Keep in mind, we're very budget concious, and need this done FAST. We headed out to home depot and found this Granite top with an undermount sink for $249. How can you go wrong? Sure less expensive than buying a whole new unit.

I plan on painting the wood a dark espresso finish, and spraying the handles. I'm not a fan of the shape of the handles, however, they are an odd size, and rather than filling holes and redrilling new ones, I opted for the lazy solution and will paint these.

Stay tuned for the reveal of the bathroom make over next week!

I've also been working on this dresser set for my daughter. I'm almost ready to distress and glaze it (it's only been about 6 months!).

Finally, I'm up to my eyeballs in these. While I'm not packing everything, I'm trying to de-clutter and pack up closets etc. That way, it will be more saleable, but also give me a jump start on packing.

I'll be back soon with some reveals, and progress on my home search (we're heading down to Victoria next week to view some promising homes, and I plan on taking you along with me!).

Monday, January 24, 2011

Staging a Master Bedroom

The countdown is on:  we have to have our home 'market ready' for March 1.  Not only do we have projects to finish up in the main house, but we also have a Guest House, Shop, Tool Shed and 2.5 acres to spiffy up.  Yikes! 
We spent the last few days getting our Master Bedroom staged.  We have done nothing to this room since moving here 4.5 years ago.  I had big plans for this room, which you can read about here.  Unfortunately, those plans will have to wait for our new home.  To stage this room, I certainly didn't decorate or choose colours that I would have if we were to stay.  The name of the game is neutral, clean, and clutter free.  I had big plans for crown molding, new light fixture, all new furniture, new draperies and a soft blue/gray wall colour.  Instead we kept everything the same but paired down on the accessories, chose a soft green colour (at our Realtors suggestion) and de-cluttered.


The wall colour is Nantucket Grey, by Benjamin Moore.  It is a really nice grey/green.  All our trim colour is Cloud White, also by BM.  We repainted the doors, baseboards and all the trim.  What a difference in cleaning up the space!


The walls were a hideous mustard yellow colour (why did I live so long with this awful, glaring colour!!!???)

The closet was a different minty green colour (ugh!)

All the electrical outlets and switches were a dingy beige.

The bed has!!  I bought it more than 10 years ago, and I'm soooo over it.  Ditto for the bedding.  My little girl grabed onto the plastic swirly job on the bed and snapped it off.  Never liked that swirly thingamabop anyhow! I'll keep it for 4 more months though, until we're in our new place.  I want to see what type of room I'm working with before I get inspired to buy a bed and other furniture.

There's a beautiful bay window, lacking any window coverings.  I stripped those suckers off long ago-trust me, it was not pretty!

And to top it off, the hardware was brass. Notice the pinkish tinged doors.  No, this is not just the photo, they were this colour!


Ahhh, pewter hardware, so much better!  We did invest a fair amount of money changing out the hardware in the entire house, but I think it was a wise decision as it has instantly updated the home.  Also notice the freshly painted door in my favorite Cloud White.

We didn't want to spend a lot of money on window coverings, so we opted for these bamboo shades.  I actually bought them before we found out we had to move, as they were in keeping with my inspiration room. That is our cute Guest house in the background (ooohhhh, I'm gonna miss this place!)

Admittedly it is a little bland and boring for my taste, but it is perfect for putting on the market:  Neutral and clutter free. Notice the white electrical outlets.  We've changed them in our entire home.  Another way to instantly update your home, and inexpensive if you can diy.

We repaired the bed, for now (that sucka is outta here when we have our garage sale, and the other furniture will be demoted to the guest room!!!).  Hmmm, I really need something for above the bed.  Good thing I'm going shopping today-I see a Sunburst mirror in my future!

Just a few accessories on top of the armoire.

It is so much more serene and peaceful, mainly due to the change in colour.  Such a simple thing as paint can completely change the feel of a room!
Only 2 bathrooms left to update, and we'll be market ready for March 1!! Phew, it's going to be a busy 6 weeks!

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Defining your Decorating Style

It is natural to try to categorize yourself into a specific decorating style.  Whether you love Traditional, Contemporary, Country, Shabby Chic, Modern, Minimalist, Rustic, etc there is a category we all fit into.  Or is there? 

I would have categorized myself as French Country with a twist of Traditional and a splash of Shabby, however, I'm realizing I was wrong!!
I look around my home, and I realize that my style has been partly determined by what I am drawn to and purchase, but also to what I can afford, and what has been handed down to me or gifted to me. 

I see a wonderful French Country home, and just know this is my style:

Image: Decorpad

But wait, I see a clean, no frills room and love it too......

Image: Canadian House & Home

I do sometimes enjoy global chic:

Image: Candian House & Home

And love a good shabbified abode:

Image: Canadian House & Home

Help!  What is my decorating style?  Where do I belong?? 

Alas, I have come to realize that it is ok to love and embrace all styles in your home.  Your decorating style is not defined by categories, but by a combination of different pieces that you have gathered over time, and while it may be a contemporary couch, paired with toile throw pillows, or your hand me down modern bedroom set, amongst chintz and checks, as long as it represents you and what you love, then that is all that matters. Enjoy your own personal special style.  I prefer to keep mine undefined, but unmistakably me.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Daughter's Bedroom

Every little girl dreams of:

A canopied bed.....

Pink walls....

A little bit of butterfly bling....

 Pretty flowers....

 And a Flower Fairy....

 Or two.....

Precious gifts.....

 A pretty hanger.....

 And pretty lighting....

A toybox.....
 And much horse paraphinalia (for the horse obsessed)....

Makes for a special bedroom for my darling little girl.

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