Monday, June 20, 2011

Tricky TV's: Opinions Needed!!!

Hello Lovelies! How I've missed our chats! I am currently sitting in a RV, approximately 250 sq ft. We have just over a week left until we get possession of our new house, and needless to say, I'm a wee bit excited about this. I may, or may not, do a little drive by the new house on a daily basis. I'm stalking my own house =P

On to the matter at hand. While I am ultimately trying to wait until we get into the house to make a few decorating decisions, there are a few major items that I'm trying to source out now. Recall my ideas for our new Great room, here.

Firstly, this sofa has been ordered:

It is divine. It wasn't much less money for one sofa than what we spent on 2 sofa's in our last home; however, the old sofa's were mediocre quality, not really the fabric I would have liked, and the foam stuffing was warping after only 3 years of minimal use. The buyers for our home requested them in the sale, and I wasn't disappointed by this! The new Restoration Hardware sofa was well worth the extra money: Down-mix fill, beautiful, yet durable fabric (although not the Belgian Linen option that would have been my first choice if children weren't going to be using the sofa too), slip covered and family friendly. Love the traditional roll arm. This is a sofa that will last for many, many years. First piece of the Great Room puzzle is in place.

Yesterday, my husband and I went on a mini-antiquing trip. We found a fantastic store in the city, and I found many gorgeous pieces. I have my eye on a huge wooden trough, from the Baltic. I envision it filled with quilts and throws. I'm loving a mini dog cart, and a handmade wooden pitch fork from Russia (must be seen to be appreciated!) many beauties! This leads me to the reason for our visit to this store: The hunt for a storage solution for our TV. We will be buying a new flatscreen, likely around 42 inches.

How do you deal with your TV???? Hide it in an Armoire? Hung on the wall? On a TV stand??? Do share!!!!

The layout of our new room makes it not possible to hang the TV above the mantle. That leaves an Armoire (which I admittedly love the idea of hiding it when not in use) or on a stand of some sort.

Here's my ideas so far. I would LOVE to hear your opinion on these!

Option 1:

An antique armoire from Quebec, 1860's. GORGEOUS!!!!!!! Expensive!!!! Worth it? Yup, I'm thinking so.

Original paint, hardware, and signed by the makers of the cabinet (from 1860's!!). Maybe a bit dark and more reddish than I would have ideally liked, but the patina is so gorgeous, and there's NO WAY I would paint or modify this treasure if we were to buy it.

Option 2:

This armoire from Restoration Hardware. Keep in mind, that it is the same price as the antique armoire.

Love the tone/patina of the wood.  Gorgeous shape and detailing.

Option 3:

This stand (or something similar) from Restoration Hardware. Only complaint, is seeing the components through the glass, but I otherwise love the glass look. There are similar products with cupboards instead of glass.  This is 2/3 the cost of the above options.

It is actually very long, and would be a nice way to set up a few other displays next to the tv on top of the stand.

What do you think? We won't make a final decision until we move into our new home. I plan on laying out painters tape in the dimensions of each unit to see how it will fill the space. We have a very large room, with vaulted ceilings, so I don't think any of these options will be too large.

I have already bought paint samples, and accessories. I only need the house to be ready to get decorating!

I look forward to hearing your opinions; afterall, bloggers are my favorite source of inspiration!

Monday, June 6, 2011

A few goodbye's and a Hiatus

It is with mixed feelings that our family gets ready to drive away from our home for the 12 hour trip to our new city. We are packed, house is cleaned (almost), and ready for the new owners. It is hard to see this home empty. We loved the past 5 years here, but I know we'll love our new house just as much (and maybe even more!).

We will be moving into our new home early July. In the meantime we will be cooking up smores and hotdogs in a campground for the next month. It will be fun hanging out in the RV with the littles and the four-leggeds. One problem (and this is a doozy)....NO INTERNET. ACKKKKK! How will I survive??? I don't need TV, I can easily do without many other things, but internet...blogs....pinterest....etc??? It will probably be good for me, and the kids as my focus will be 100% on them and helping them feel comfortable with our move. I guess I'll just have to pass some of the time with some shopping. Shucks.

Note to self: Must create Hosta lined path in new yard.

So, I will be absent for a month, but definately not gone for good. Willow Wisp will return in July. Look for me (and a flood of projects in the new house) then! Have a wonderful month, and know that I'll miss you all!!!