Monday, July 22, 2013

{Modern Farmhouse} Cottage Kitchen Reveal

Our complete kitchen renovation started innocently enough. I was working with Holly Mathis on our living room, and I told her that one day I'd like to address the kitchen and dining rooms, which are very open to the living room.

She said it would be ideal if we could do them all at once. It didn't take much urging after that......we did want to add a gas cook top, afterall, and we were never happy with the original kitchen. Before you knew it, wabam, a complete kitchen reno was in the works.

We are now 95% complete, but I am jumping the gun to show you the space now.  We are waiting on a few finishing details that judging from past experience, will take a while to complete.

There are so many details that I want to tell you about! Today I'm going to mainly show you pictures, and will go over all the details in future posts. You're going to be sick of hearing about this kitchen by the time I'm through with it.

Our Modern Farmhouse, Cottage Kitchen: 

I really couldn't tell you what my favorite thing is about our new kitchen, there's just so dang much I love. However, the new Viking range would surely be very near the top: adore it! Our cooking has changed and improved so much. A very worthy investment!

You can read about our island's pine top here and here. I still love, love, love it.

If you ever have the option to add a pot filler, do it. It's one of my favorite gadgets in the kitchen. You don't know what you're missing until you have one!

We also questioned adding a plain subway backsplash, but Holly persisted, and as usual, she was totally right. LOVE it!

I really toiled with the decision to add open shelving. I loved the look, but wasn't sure about the practicality (ie dust). I also really needed a lot of closed storage. I am happy to report that I am in LOVE with the open shelves. In fact, I'm now wishing there were more!

The counters are Danby White marble, from Vermont. Thoughts and outpouring of adoration for our new counters in an upcoming post.

Moen faucet. I'm going to go over all our choices and every detail for you, including what I think of this faucet and all our other choices.

If you've noticed the extra hole in the marble, we are still waiting on our water filtration system (important here since we are on a well).

Visual Comfort antiqued brass pendants. I'm in love with the finish. These were a splurge, but so worth it. Unfortunately, they are one of the finishing details we are waiting on; one came missing a part, and with a dented shade, but we should have the replacement soon, and then I'll take a better picture for you so you can really get a feel for them in the space!

The upper cabinets extend to 10 feet. They are backed in beadboard, and I've placed some brown transferware in them.  It is tricky to get a good picture of these cabinets. Yes, I stood on the island to take this picture for you ;)

You can read the details about the breakfast nook cabinet in my last post, here.

This kitchen is absolutely a dream come true. I adore every detail, and feel so blessed! We completely renovated our kitchen in our last home (you can see that here), and while I loved that space, I have to say, I think this kitchen is more classic, timeless, and definitely more in keeping with my style, and the style of our current home.

I can't thank Holly enough for giving us the nudge we needed to just do it, and for guiding the selections for this space. Our collaborations created the kitchen of my dreams!

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Kitchen Renovation: Breakfast Nook

Since we are STILL waiting on those last few finishing touches in the rest of the kitchen, I thought I would show you something that is completed: the nook cabinetry in the breakfast area.

When designing this area, I needed some storage, but also was keen to have some open shelving to act as more a display area.

I don't have a 'china hutch' in my dining room, and I have an abundance of pretties that I wanted to display. I asked for a bank of open shelves in the middle so I could play with my collections =)

For the summer, I've used classic blue and white:

We are coffee and tea lovers, so I've made this area our coffee/drink station. We have a frappe machine, two cappuccino machines (one 'real' one, which I have out, and another Tassimo which is hidden away), and a regular coffee maker. Talk about excessive, but we use them all.

I've shown you this coffee area before, holding various sugars and syrups in an old tool caddy, which I scored for $1 at a garage sale (you should have seen the look on the lady's face when I asked if it was for sale....are you sure you want this?? ok, how about a buck? tee hee)

My Grandmothers old cow serving tray sits behind the caddy.

For the rest of the shelves, I've used transferware, silver, glass and white dishes. I threw in a few blue hydrangeas for good measure.

Holly and I chose antiqued brass hardware, which I adore. The marble is the same throughout the rest of the kitchen (except for the island which has a wood top). Beadboard backing and corbels add a cottagey charm, but the shaker style cabinetry keeps it from being too fussy. 'Legs' added to the toe kicks give it more a look of a piece of furniture.

We wanted the cabinets to go right to the ceiling, topped with thick crown moldings. The uppers are mullioned, antiqued glass, backed with beadboard, and illuminated with led lights.

Let's look at how far this area has come:


It was an eyesore before....I greatly disliked it. In fact, when the cabinet company came to measure for the new cabinets, the designer (who is very nice, but tells it like he sees it) said he had to take a picture because it was the worst designed, ugliest nook cabinet he had seen. Ha! Well, I'm not sure that I would say it was that bad, but it sure wasn't very good. Now? I completely love it. One of my favorite elements in the new kitchen!

Let's hope that you'll be seeing the rest of the kitchen very, very soon.

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